Suggestibility in Trance

Suggestibility in Trance

Suggestibility in Trance? Are people more likely to respond to suggestions in my office versus walking around on the street? This depends on your definition of hypnosis from a Clinical or Ericksonian Hypnosis perspective. It also largely depends on the level or report that you have with the person when the suggestion is made. My personal opinion is that people are in trance most of the time. It also depends on whether you are offering them a better trance than the one they are in. This article is part of the 100 days of Trance.

The Classic Definition of Suggestibility.

“People are typically more suggestible in a trance state than in a waking state. The other factors affecting this are tonality, pacing, rhythm, and choice of language patterns”. 


Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is the type of hypnosis that most people are familiar with. It’s what you see in movies, written in novels and how people think hypnosis works and for about 25% of the population, clinical hypnosis can and does work exactly like this.

The process is very directive and authoritarian and it does work particularly if the person is ready to hear the suggestions or all of the methods for fixing their “problem” have been exhausted. The process is pretty much, sit like this, put your hands right there, close your eyes and follow my instructions.

Do not interpret my comments as being negative or condescending. I have met a wide variety of clinical hypnotherapists who are absolutely amazing in their work and get great results with their clientele, it’s just not my personal favorite method. Dave Ellman is among my favorites to read and watch Youtube videos on.

The number of people who have been helped by Clinical Hypnosis is innumerable and if you wish to try it I say “go for it”.


Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis is based on the works of Milton H. Erickson, MD. During his formative years, he wrote over 3,000 journal articles on hypnosis. The process is a little different than clinical hypnosis based on a different paradigm. 

The main difference is that in Ericksonian hypnosis the presupposition is that the client is already in trance. This trance may be due to life experience, trauma or just their model of the world. And it is the job of the therapist to join their world, even briefly, to discover why and how their reality works. The idea that the therapist knows anything about their world, goes out the window.

I find this methodology preferable to the Clinical Hypnosis model where the therapist tells the client what and how to feel or that they are in some way “broken” and need to be fixed or cured. 


Media and Sales

The advertising, media, and sales organizations have been using hypnosis and NLP for decades. They are keenly aware of how people’s minds work, even if the general population does not. People, in general, respond more quickly to fear; than they do to the promise of pleasure. so it makes sense that all news stories are sensational and/or tragic. Recently, I’ve noticed, that the use of prompts seems to be in vogue. If you watch the news they will say ” blah-blah and if you want to know more stay tuned to this channel until the end.

This will give them more opportunity to show you commercials so you can buy stuff before they tell what the “blah-blah” is. This happens on television and radio every single day and we are so used to it, it no longer offends us.


Managing Your Brain, Body, and Mind

So here’s the short version of this article. If you really want to be out of the loop of people influencing you, I suggest that you live on top of a mountain with no TV, radio, internet or human contact. Not very practical, but it’s the only way you can be certain that no one is suggesting anything to you.

The most practical method would be to pay attention to who and what you surround yourself with and how often.
Positive people can influence you in a great way, while negative people, media, movies, etc can influence you as well. 

Pay attention to what people are selling. Are they selling freedom, autonomy, and happiness? Buy that. If they are selling negativity, fear or products you are supposed to need for status… give them the boot.

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