Taking Short Breaks To Improve Focus

Taking Short Breaks To Improve Focus

I will be taking short breaks to improve my focus for the remainder of this project. I have found that some of the intensity of the trancework requires me to sleep, goof off or just do something else after some of the recent trancework I’m engaged in right now.

What I’m doing isn’t a mystery. I’m getting ready to begin the family and generational healing work that I’ve been leading up to over the last 20-30 days. In order to do that I have to make sure my channels are open and functioning just like any subject would.


taking short breaks to improve focus

7 Major Trances

After writing the article on clearing and cleaning your chakras, I decided to do that work uninterrupted until complete. Yesterday, I cleared the Base and Sex Center Chakras. Afterword, I was pretty cooked until later that evening. So I decided that taking short breaks might improve my focus. My goal is to get as many of these completed as possible. I’m uncertain if I can get the remaining 5 done today, but I will give it the “college try”. I will post all of the individual trances, as articles, as soon as this work is complete.

taking short breaks to improve focus

I Need Your Help

I need 5 people who would be willing to commit to 7 trance sessions. This session can be in person, by phone or Skype. I have decided that after completing the 100 days of trance I’m going to begin doing weekend intensives with the 7 chakra cleaning and clearing; as well as creating a downloadable audio series that will be for sale.
If you are interested in this send me an email, once I fill the spots up; it’s over.

taking short breaks to improve focus

Chakras, Illness, and Dis-ease

I’ve always known that the body manifests illness and disease as a way of letting us know that there is something we need to attend to. All forms of medicine attempt to manage the illness or disease either by treating the illness or treating the symptoms. For some types of illness or disease that’s a good plan or others, not so much.

While doing this 100 days project, I have come to believe that it is our energy and frequencies that are either creating illness or curing it. So it makes sense to me to clear the chakras before doing any other work just like cleaning your kitchen before cooking a meal. A clean kitchen makes it much easier and efficient to prepare your meal, the same holds true for the mind and body. The Old Medicines understand this and it is our job to remember what we already know.

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