The 3 Reasons Most People Fail And How to Avoid These Mistakes

The 3 Reasons Most People Fail and How to Avoid These Mistakes.

The 3 reasons most people fail isn’t a big mystery; it’s actually pretty simple. Most people do not follow their dreams and goals EXACTLY  the way they planned them out. Today’s trance is about having the tenacity and courage to follow your dreams and goals, even when there is no evidence that you are on the right path. I woke up this morning with this article in my head. Who says you need a formal trance for great information?

There is always going to be someone around who, through fear, ignorance or just plain fatigue, is going to try to get you to modify or even abandon your dreams and goals because they don’t believe in you or in your abilities or in your goal, itself.

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1. The Dream or Goal isn’t Well-Formed

Without exception, this is probably the biggest reason people fail in their dreams and goals.
Well-formed goals are simple.

Here’s a very simple format:
A. Write the dream or goal down and review it daily.

B. Make sure the dream or goal is begun and maintained to completion by you.
C. The details matter. You need to know how the completed goal will look, sound, feel, smell and taste.
D. Start immediately and tell no one until after you have begun.

The 3 Reasons Most People Fail

2. They Quit When It Gets Hard

Everything worth having requires effort. If your goal is strange, different or outside of the established norm; get ready for a fistfight. Particularly today, in our society, being different is going to get you a lot of attention and not necessarily the attention you were seeking.

Not that being different earlier in history was much easier. People are tribal. If you are in the tribe you must adhere to the tribal rules and customs or you don’t get to live in the tribe anymore. and since the invention of Social Media, I think that our tribalism is getting more drastic and splintered.

When you are building your dreams and goals it may be a good idea to ask yourself,”what if no one agrees or supports this goal?” If the outcome is worth the flack you may be receiving, go for it. If it is not, you may consider adjusting the goal until it fits.

The 3 Reasons Most People Fail

3. They Over or Under Correct

This one part may be the misunderstood part of dream or goal achievement. Most of us have families, “intimate others” and friends. All of these groups more than likely wish to be supportive of most things you do and undertake.

The big mistake here is thinking that their understanding of your goal or dream and YOUR UNDERSTANDING are the same. They aren’t and it isn’t.

So, frequently in their desire to help or hinder they ask for and usually receive “small modifications” in your plan. Your BIG MISTAKE is going to be saying or thinking that this ai a good idea, it isn’t. What has just happened is you are now 1 degree off your course. No big deal right? WRONG. If you are 1 degree off course in a boat or on a plane what happens when you travel 1,000 or 10,000 miles?

The answer is you are going to be way off course and it’s going to take a HUGE ADJUSTMENT to get back on course from where you now are.

This brings you to the over-correct part of the mistake. Generally, when people notice they are a long way off course they decide to get back to the beginning in one step or one day. This can upset the flow of your universe as well. Now your friends and family think that you have no clue about what you’re doing and may abandon their support entirely. Remember it didn’t take one day to get so far off course, so make a small adjustment and in the approximately the same time it to you to get off course you will be back on course and only you will know.


The Reasons Most People Fail

Having Faith in Yourself

You may have heard of this thing called, FAITH? That word pretty much has been hijacked by most or all religions. But if you look at the actual meaning of the word, you will discover that it means “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. You need to believe in yourself even on those days when no one else does.

If it’s any consolation… I BELIEVE IN YOU. 

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