The Lizard King – Jim Morrison, Second Trance

The Lizard King – Jim Morrison, Second Trance

The Lizard King showed up last night in the second deep trance identification with Jim Morrison. So much for doing my research, lol.

If you’ve read the history of Jim Morrison you would know that he was a very shy person. He couldn’t even face the audience while singing and would face backward or hide behind the speakers. He dropped out of film school because someone criticized a film project.

Somewhere along the way to becoming a rock star, a transformation began. He began to identify with a mythical or magical character that could do anything, The Lizard King. The problem was he had to be extremely high (think blackout wasted) to make the transfer. Some hypnosis might have helped with that. Had I been paying attention to these historical facts might have helped with the deep trance identification. If you wish to read about the first trance, with Jim Morrison, just click the link.


lizard king

Lizard King

An alter ego of Doors lead singer Jim Morrison, to imitate a Native American shaman. Shamans identified strongly with an animal deity. Jim chose the lizard, which included the ability to shed his skin (leather pants, which he wore chronically). It may also be said he chose a Tyrannosaurus rex for “dinosaur fear” — the theory that we have a genetic memory from the time when dinosaurs not only ruled the earth but also snacked on our furry ancestors. 

“I am the Lizard King, I can do anything!” — Jim Morrison, “Not To Touch the Earth” (source:

lizard king

The Second Trance

Working with my trance partner, we did all of the steps in order to get into the identification. When our buddy, The Lizard King, shows up my partner told me that my eye color changed to a very light blue color. My eyes are already blue but he said the change was noticeable. My trance partner also said that I was almost immobile for the duration of the trance sequence. We use a 20 minute time for all of the trances for uniformity.

Completely High

Hey, I went to college. I’ve been high before. This was a feeling I hadn’t had since I don’t even know how long. Was very disorienting and I felt incapable of answering the trance questions that we had prepared. Must have been a little frustrating for my trance partner. And I felt like I was switching back and forth from Jim Morrison to the Lizard King and back again.

Super Shy

While in the persona of Jim Morrison, I felt like a 5-year-old; who just got asked why he painted the dog green? Why? Because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Jim Morrison wrote songs and poetry. The Lizard King PREFORMED THEM. In an unabashed, profound super-man way that can’t be described only experienced. I’m going to have to remember how to access this persona (without drugs) if I’m ever going to do TV or large presentations. (Note to self. Over-identification with archetypal energy isn’t sustainable or real)

lizard king

Final Thoughts

I would definitely do this trance again with this archetype (Rebel or Magician). I’m not sure if I would use this subject since his over-identification with the archetype didn’t help him heal is soul wound. In fact, it pushed in the opposite direction, further away from his internal self.

I think I learned a lot while doing this deep trance identification. What works for me and doesn’t work. I’m still on the fence about opening my eyes or not during the identification. According to Stephen Gilligan, it isn’t a deal breaker, some people focus better with their eyes closed, I think I’m one of them. The whole purpose of doing these trances is to identify with the archetypes we already have inside of us, they just aren’t the “go-to” archetypes we use.

lizard king

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