Thoth And Maat, Second Trance

Thoth And Maat, Second Trance

Thoth and Maat as a second deep trance identification was a very interesting experience for me. I don’t usually “do” gods, but these two seemed pretty easy to get along with until we got started. That changed fairly quickly.

The gods, Thoth and Maat, do not seem very happy with the way we have been doing things on this planet. It seems we were given all of the information that we needed to have a stellar life and “somehow” that information has been suppressed; BIG SHOCKER, right? My trance partner mentioned that I resembled a manic psychopath, whatever that looks like, during the trance download. I noticed it took a while to come back to the planet so I could drive home.


thoth and maat

The Connection

Have you ever met anyone who is really powerful? That “‘Je ne sais quoi” (I don’t know what) quality that captures the attention of everyone in the room. And there actions and demeanor are similar to everyone else’s but “slightly” different. That was the type of experience that I was having while doing this second trance. It was awesome. I felt both at the same time and simultaneously, they were individual in nature. The true expereince of feeling both male and female energies at the same time is a little daunting. I think if I ever do this project again I will picl ALL female subject to indentify with.

thoth and maat

The Messages From The Questions

Here are the messages from Thoth and Maat in no particular order. Both felt kind of pissed off, but they felt different pissed off. differently. I guess it makes sense because they are two different archetypes (The Magician and The Outlaw) and combine to form a third (Unknown), was very cool.

If you want the information you have to ask.

All of the 4o plus book s of healing, medicine, engineering, mathematics, etc., are available in the collective unconscious. Jung spoke about the collective unconscious and that we could all access it if you were willing to do the work.

Choose Whatever Reality Works

We live in a realm of simultaneous realities. So, if the one you are currently living in doesn’t provide the option you want, pick another. Note: This sound very simple but can be difficult for those who live in a “this is my life and it sucks and there is nothing I can do about it” reality. You can change your world by changing your mind. I’ve seen this a thousand times in my office when people create breakthroughs that heal them, their families and their private universe.

You Must Open Your Third Eye

I never thought I would ever say or write those words. Apparently, there are huge conspiracy theories about the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. First, read this, then go read this). I’m not going to get into the debate. I’m going to say if that what I need to do, I’m on it. To me, it’s like having 50 million dollars (which I don’t have, yet). If I hate having all that money; I already know how to live without it.

thoth and maatthoth and maat

The Archetype(s)

The archetypal energy was very strange in this trance. The Outlaw, who seeks to destroy what isn’t working and The Magician, who desires to make dreams come what a weird combination for me. The union of these two archetypes defies explanation. It was a weird combination to be sure with no words coming out to define it.

One of the questions I was asking is how this is going to make me a better hypnotherapist? That question is still unfolding for me. I guess I’ll have that answer when it arrives. (stay tuned).

thoth and maat

Final Thoughts

I’d love to say, “THIS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO” and you have peace, love happiness, tons of dough and unicorns dancing on your lawn. But it really doesn’t work that way. The short answer is you will have to do your own work and ask your questions to receive what answers you need to attain YOUR DEFINITION OF HAPPINESS. For me, I’m good *smiles.

After this project, I will be going back into this trance identification to download the answers to the question that I have about how to create the type of hypnotic trance that will heal the client the quickest and ecological way based on their personal reality. Which, now that I think about it, is how both Erickson and Gilligan work now, so I got my answer, it seems.

thoth and maat

Need Some Help?

If you have more questions than answers about deep trance identification. Or if you have questions on another topic. Please feel free to contact me by phone, 214-702-3774 or by email anytime.

thoth and maat

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