Time Distortion in Trance

Time Distortion

Today’s trance is about time distortion. Humans have a fantastic ability to modify their perception of time. Have you ever noticed that activities you enjoy seem to go by very quickly and that activities that you do not enjoy or have little interest for; seem… to… take… forever? It’s because we can modify time at will, it’s awesome!!! This article is part of the 100 days of Trance blog

time distortion

Classic Definition

A subject experiencing trance will have a subjective experience of time and naturally may feel that more or less time has passed while they were experiencing hypnosis that has happened in reality. As described this can be a natural occurrence or time distortion can be forced by stating it as part of the hypnotic experience. An example of this would be putting someone to sleep, and moving them or carry out some activities in the background for several hours, and when bringing them out of hypnosis having them believe only minutes had passed.

time distortion

Different Ways of Distorting Time

There are several ways of distorting time. There is fast-time, slow-time, in-time and through-time. Each time strategy has its own particular ways that affect people’s perception of how time functions in a particular context. it is also interesting to note that many people do all of these different ways of sorting time, based on their family training, personal preferences or skill levels in a particular area of life.

time distortion

Fast or Slow Time

Most people are familiar with the ways we perceive time; as in time goes by very quickly and others perceive time as going slowly. And we can learn to adjust these perceptions at will with a little hypnosis practice.

Try this.

Imagine your favorite movie. Play it in your head at regular speed until you get to the end of the movie. Notice how long it took you to get through the movie in your head. Next, play the movie a SUPER-FAST speed and then notice how long that took in contrast to “regular time”. Lastly, run the movie at SUPER-SLOW speed until you get bored or get to the end of the movie.

What you will notice is the times in your head will vary a little in the real world but your perception will be that it went really fast or very, very slowly. This about that


An in-time person is going to be that one friend, you know, that for them… time doesn’t really exist. Whatever it is that they are doing time just… disappears. The description of this process is that the person is within a certain context that has no beginning and no end. The person is just there inside of a context that may seem timeless. Persons who use this time-strategy can frequently be late or not show up at all, forget appointments and usually serious underestimate how long it takes to get somewhere, do something or complete a project.

It is useful to remember that if you are one of these individuals or know one, this strategy isn’t personal, they aren’t intentionally trying to inconvenience anyone; it’s just how they sort time.

time distortion

Through Time

A through-time person is someone who experiences time on a continuum. There is a beginning, middle, and end to the context that they are currently in. I used to have a job that ran on 55-minute cycles. Each appointment was 55 minutes in length which gave me 5 minutes between each cycle for bathroom breaks, eating a snack or returning phone calls. To this day, I have to remind myself that I am no longer “punching that clock” and if I’m a few minutes over on a client appointment; it’s all good.

People using this time-strategy are frequently early, begin and end EXACTLY on time and from what I hear be really annoying to their “in-time” friends who may be a little more relaxed about time frames.

Neither of these time strategies is better or worse than the other. There are certain contexts, in which having an in-time person or a through-time person would be necessary, safer or more effective. 


Think about how you perceive time. Is the way you perceive time absolutely necessary for your job, your safety or others around you? If you have a tendency to be late, try being on time for a week or longer. If you are absolutely punctual every moment of the day, try arriving late and see if the world does come to an end.

The lesson here is no one way is the correct way and the person with the most flexibility in behavior… WINS

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