Transformation – Healing Generations with Hypnosis

Transformation – Healing Generations with Hypnosis

Transformation? Healing generations? Is this possible? I think so. But in order to answer this question, I think we need to look at the way things used to be, you know, in the “old days”. By old days, I mean before we decided that we needed to industrialize, homogenize and in most ways, dehumanize the population.

This will be the last segment of generational healing in the 100 days of trance project. The next segment will address deep trance identification.



Side Story

At the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, young male and female elephants were placed there to thin the population at another park. Almost immediately rhinos were being killed, tourists were being threatened by the young adults. The solution was to bring some older bulls and the problem stopped almost as quickly as it began.

The moral of the story… we need more fathers instead of prisons. (source:

What does this have to do with this article and transformation? Just keep reading.


Manhood/Womanhood Training

Not long ago, before the wheel and city-states, we depended on one another to survive. Each member of the tribe had a role and an individual identity that did not conflict with the tribe as a whole. How does that work? It seems that we used to have Elders. Those who were responsible for ushering children into adulthood. We don’t have that anymore. We send our Elder’s off to Florida, or the old folk’s home or just ignore them until they die. But let’s stay focused.

The Elder’s job was to remove pubescent teens from the tribal unit and take them to manhood or womanhood training and the transformation from childhood to adulthood would begin. While these teens were away the families would have funerals to mourn the loss of their children. But don’t be sad, the story gets better.


Spiritual Death

In order for the teens to pass from childhood to adulthood, there has to be a spiritual death and rebirth. For women, it is usually with the arrival of their menstrual cycle. Even today, women have a must better societal focus on welcoming young women into adulthood. Their teaching and training of these “inexperienced” adults some of the things they need to know to become functional humans that happen to be female. I salute them and kind of envy them.

Young men, on the other hand, need to experience a wound to symbolize their need to bleed as well. This could be circumcision, scaring, the filing of teeth, tattooing, even wearing gloves filled with ants. Something that requires the young man to spiritually die and be reborn. so when you see young men wearing black, acting out or generally being stupid, try to think of them attempting self-initiation; because there is no one around to do it.

Unfortunately, We have removed the male Elders in our modern world and have prisons, the military, schools, churches, and women (no disrespect intended) teaching young men how to be men, instead of their grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and older brothers. 


New Tribe Members

After a period of time (it varies), the new adult members of the tribe return from manhood and womanhood training. These new “inexperienced” adults are welcome back into the tribe as adults with a new name. The new name is important because the “old” child died and was reborn as the new adult. Each member of the tribe (including parents) must refer to and respect this new adult as they would any other adult. This doesn’t happen in our society at all. If you watch any television you will notice that they recommend that you ask your doctor if eating, taking medication or is breathing is right for you? (humor)

These new but inexperienced adults know all the songs, the stories and legends fo the tribe. They know they their participation in the tribe is valuable and necessary for the tribe’s survival. And they also know that the Elders will be there to help them earn their place, find a vocation and assimilate into the tribal unit. Treating adults like adults and children as children has been a time-honored tradition that works.

Until the new adults went through the transformation into manhood or womanhood they had no vote and no voice, their parents spoke for them. This seems to be happening in reverse in our modern society. Today our Elders have no voice, no respect or place in our current world. Now I agree that they also haven’t been initiated but may it’s time to bring that part of our primitive society back?


Generational Patterns

So we have had, who knows, how many generations young men who were never initiated into the tribe. Then growing up and marrying young women who were also never initiated into the tribe. Then they decided to have children and also never initiate them because they didn’t know it was needed and this has caused PROBLEMS.
What we have here is the blind leading the unsighted; see a problem here?

Regardless of whether you are speaking of men or women, we in this country (almost globally) have no Elders, no initiation process, no fire stories, and no legends. Television raises our children, politicians lie and do whatever they want and we have been lulled into thinking there is nothing we can do about it.

In my last article, I mentioned that my personal family has all kinds of issues from health to poverty and I think it stems from this one major issue; we are a herd of individuals with no concept of family, tribe or community.

I don’t think it’s reasonable that we abandon our civilization or technology. I do think it’s reasonable for us to re-connect to our humanity and create a transformation for our family, our community and heal the wounds.


First Step

The first step in the transformation process is going to be disconnecting from all of the trauma, drama, and wounds that you may have received by being raised by uninitiated parents, school, clergy, etc. You may also have done the same with your own children (I did) and raised them with the same amount of conditional love and heaping piles of unworthiness that you were given. I asking for an hour of your time, in trance, so that you can re-connect and see what is really going on.

This trance is a little intense for those who haven’t had a trance experience before but I promise it will be okay at the end. It’s as close as one can get to a near-death experience without having to reincarnate. And it’s okay if you wish to have someone there to help facilitate if needed.



Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Just let yourself be as comfortable as possible and in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Allow yourself to think about all of the issues that you may have experienced. Job loss, drugs or alcohol, illness or dis-ease. If you’ve been hurt or hurt someone else; if you are angry or depressed or something I haven’t thought of that disturbs you.

Now think about the members of your family who may have experienced the same feelings or events. Travel both up the generational scale and down (if you have children or grandchildren). After spending some time with this… it’s time to let it go. But letting it go in a different way than you’ve done before. I will be posting an audio of this hypnotic trance very soon. If you are on the mailing list you will get it before anyone else. If you wish to be on that list, just email me.


Letting Go

Letting go is an interesting term which means different things to different people. In this case, I mean letting go of everything so the transformation can begin. Your past, your wounds, and trauma, your history, your body, your everything. It’s kind of cool once you’ve done it once or twice. Keep the pace of the letting go moving but take all the time you need to let go of the individual things in the process.


Think about your environment. Let go of your problems, issues and repetitive patterns within your house, your car, your office, and your job. Just imagine they are drifting away, melting, dissolving, or you are stepping back and away from them, however, is best for you. When you finish you will be standing or sitting in an empty space. You are safe but continue the process.


Think about your habits. The bad ones. Habits are automated, you just do them without thinking. The way you drive to work angry or depressed, what time you get up or go to bed that makes you late. What other habits have you picked up from your friends, family, and the environment?  Just allow all of your habits to begin to fade, drop away or disappear so that when you are complete with this you are standing in an empty space.


Think about your behaviors. What do you do? And how do you do that? When do you get angry or sad? What makes you unhappy, scared or defensive? What is your routine around others, family members or important events? Allow these behaviors to come out and then fade, melt or disappear. When you are complete you are back in the blank or empty space.


What are your capabilities? Capabilities are things you can do or could do, you just aren’t at the moment. What things are possible for others but not for you? What things are impossible for you? What could you be doing if that one thing were no longer around? Think about these things and just allow them to go. Just let go until everything is gone.


What are your beliefs?  Think about all the beliefs that you have accumulated? The ones that were handed to you while you were young. The one you created by experience, pain, pleasure or trauma. Allow all of your beliefs to come out and one-by-one allow them to melt, disappear or just let them go until there is nothing.


Values are beliefs on steroids. They are your core and help define who you are. Our values are things that we deem important and can include concepts like ‘“ equality, honesty, education, effort, perseverance, loyalty, faithfulness, conservation of the environment and many, many other concepts. (source:

What are the values you were taught you’d like to let go of? Dishonesty? Disloyalty? No respect? What others? Just allow your unwanted values to come forward and take some time while watching them just go, disappear, or melt until there is nothingness.


Who are you? Are you a good or bad person? are you male or female? Father, mother, brother or sister? Are you a mailman, an accountant or a lawyer? What identities have been given to you? What identities have you taken on? Let them go one-by-one until there is just you.


Let Go of The Family

The final segment. Allow your family(s) to drift in. Father, mother, brothers, sisters, kids, uncles, aunts, grandkids, grand or great-grandparents. Observe all of the crazy, sad, or unfortunate things that these people have created in their lives and yours. Then let them all go. you are in a space, a void of nothing. No past, no present, no future. there is only you. you are free of all you learned, been told or frightened by. You can choose whatever you want and whatever you don’t want isn’t there anyway.

Take a few moments, like in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life and notice, what and how the world functions without you. Notice where your contributions were, what was needed, not needed. There is no imprint of you at all on this world. Just think about this for a moment. If you were to come back to this world what would your mission or legacy be after this transformation?


Transform and Reconnect

Now you can transform and reconnect with the world. You choose to come back but this time you are in control of what you know, what you think and how you choose to express your emotions. You are free from your history, your family conditioning and for the first time in your life you are, by choice, who you are and who you are becoming. The reconnection happens pretty quickly so just go through the process as quickly as you feel comfortable.


Starting with your Family. Allow your family to come back and notice what and how they seem different. The patterns and behaviors may be the same, but it no longer affects you. You have let go of all those negative patterns and for the first time, you can see the good along with the not-so-good parts of your family and extended family. Notice the immediate changes in your perceptions of members fo your family. Is it you who has transformed? Is it them? Or perhaps it’s both you and them.


Connect to your identity. The who you are part of yourself. You can be and become anyone you wish. Who might that be?


Connect to your values. My favorite is honesty, loyalty, and respect but you can choose whatever values serve you and your life mission best.


Connect to your beliefs. The old ones, the new ones. Notice how they now support your life mission and you.


Connect to your capabilities. What new capabilities have been created? What old capabilities are now more active?


Connect to your behaviors. What new behaviors have arrived? What old behaviors now support you and your life mission.


Connect to your habits. Notice that your habits now lead you down the path of your choice easily, almost without effort.


Connect to your environment. This new environment speaks about who you are and who you are becoming. The same environment may look more inviting to you and what you are about to attract into your life.


Final Thoughts

The generational healing and transformation hypnotic audio I’m writing for this article will be far more detailed but this should get you going for now. Take time with this and repeat if necessary. This is also the final segment of the generational healing part of the 100 days of trance. I’m going to be doing the next phase starting today.

I’ll give you a hint. Let’s play a game. Invite 10 people living, dead or imaginary to a dinner party. What would you serve? What would be the main topic of conversation? What specific questions would you ask each guest?


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