Using Hypnosis to Prevent Illness and Injury

Do You use Illness or Injury as a Way of Getting Attention?

Not surprisingly, most people would answer “no” to this question, then they may be astounded to discover that they may be doing this without their conscious awareness. In short, they are hypnotizing themselves to get what they want which is attention that they don’t have to ask for.

Most people think about hypnosis, regarding, somebody else is doing the “hypnotizing” rather than themselves. The reverse is what is happening; you are the one creating your world and your current reality.

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Your Incredible Unconscious Mind

So what are we talking about here? We are referring to your all-seeing, all-knowing, unconscious mind, the one that controls most things while you’re busy living your life. It’s responsible for your heart beating, breathing, digesting food, healing your body and a myriad of processes, that if interrupted… you would be in BIG TROUBLE. The unconscious mind does lots of worthwhile things to get the needs of the person met and if illness or injury is on the list… that’s what can happen too. Let’s look at a couple of different scenarios, and we’ll use my favorite couple example, Bob, and Myrna.

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Bob’s Story

Bob comes from a family, that talks about things. Good things, bad things, and even things, that may be uncomfortable to discuss. In Bob’s family, there are no taboo discussions, and everyone has a right to their opinion, even if that opinion is unpopular with the culture of his family. So having the ability to express yourself and to be able to disagree is very healthy regarding how the unconscious mind perceives its need to be heard, seen or felt.

Bob’s unconscious mind knows that whether or not he is acknowledged or agreed with, there is still enough space in the family unit for him to ask for and receive love, attention and family energy. The ability to occupy space in a positive way speaks volumes concerning health longevity and overall well-being. Consequently, Bob is in general good health, with no real issues, except for maybe he needs to do more on the weekends with his yard, so the HOA doesn’t send those little “reminders” about edging the grass.

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Myrna’s Story

Myrna comes from a family where things are “not discussed.” Her family had rules about conversations that were about “uncomfortable,” and the last thing you want to do was question the “status quo.” Additionally, there is no real reward for doing “what you’re supposed to.” Chores, good grades, and being invisible get you, nothing. Members of the family are forced, unconsciously, to create illness, injury and “problems” to get any attention at all; and generally, it isn’t the type of care you wish to get, anyway.

When Bob and Myrna got together, both, of course, expected that their family units operated the same way. But no, nobody’s family works the same way. Even people in the same family report different rules and guidelines for living there.

After several cold, flues and a car wreck, Bob began to look at the way Myrna communicated. She was always agreeable, seldom argued and seemed to have a lot of underlining anger.

By observing and talking to Myrna about her family history, Bob decided to change the way they spoke to one another. Myrna had a little trouble telling Bob what she thought and how she felt at first… but slowly began to understand that the “other shoe wasn’t going to drop” (on her head).

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The New Bob and Myrna

Myrna’s family doesn’t know for sure what to think about the “new Myrna.” She seems so different and frequently disturbs the ‘status quo.’ But the most amazing thing has happened regarding her health issues and overall happiness. She has lost weight and those interesting “accidents” that used to happen no longer do. Bob and Myrna no longer seem to worry about “upsetting the apple cart”, they are living THEIR LIFE and are very happy.

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How is your life going?

Now, this story has a happy ending, but what’s happening in your world? Are you frequently sick, or injured? Do feel like no one sees YOU? Or hears YOU? Or cares about how you are feeling? Perhaps all you need to sit down, do some hypnosis and have a conversation with you and your unconscious to find out what’s going on inside there.

Here’s a FREE Video that will take you through a process and help establish communication with the part you that runs the show (behind the scenes). Lots of people are out of report with their unconscious mind, and it’s because that part of us strives to keep us out of trouble by doing what it can to maintain the status quo.

The good news is once you and your unconscious are on the same page it’s effortless to make lasting changes. It’s the difference that makes the difference. For more information about hypnosis (click here)

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