Weight Loss

weight loss

There are many reasons for persistent weight or weigh gain and not all of them are due to lifestyle, genetics, overeating or inactivity.
Hypnosis has a proven track record with these types of problems to create efficient and permanent weight loss solutions.

For ecological reasons, ALL organic problems must be sorted out first. The unconscious mind has a way of giving us signals (i.e. weight gain or lack of weight loss) as a way of communicating there may be additional problems that must be addressed.

Many  people simply don’t have or haven’t given themselves permission to lose weight or there are emotional factors that haven’t been address is a suitable way.
Sometimes, it’s a way of protecting ourselves from people or situations that are not currently being noticed by the conscious mind.
Regardless of the reason for your issue, We will find a solution.

Be sure that you have seen your primary caregiver, your dentist and your opthamologist BEFORE setting your appointment. I will ask for those results before making a appointment with you.