When You Don’t Want Your Gifts…Edgar Cayce, Second Trance

When You Don’t Want Your Gifts… Edgar Cayce, Second Trance

Gifts? What gifts? For some these unique talents and abilities are very much not considered gift more like curses. Edgar Cayce was very much a person like this. A very religious person who frequently wondered if what he was doing was okay with God? Well, not exactly. More along the line of whether or not his church members were okay with what he was doing. This feeling stayed with him throughout his lifetime.



The Connection

Connecting with Edgar Cayce is pretty easy. He has taught hundreds if not thousands of people his trance (hypnosis) method so I’m guessing his afterlife is as busy as his life on his planet. This was another of those types of connections where I felt like I was connecting to more than one person at the same time. Cayce’s band of brother and sisters, “on the other side”, are more than willing to answer just about any question that you might ask.


The Trance

As per my usual, I had to do this trance a couple of times. I’m looking forward to the day where I have developed enough skill to do a deep trance identification and actually come out with the information I seek, without having to repeat it. I actually got the answers to some of my questions with this subject, and they are posted below.

Cayce’s greatest success

His best or greatest achievement was creating his  A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment) educational program. His readings number in the thousands. I wonder how many other initiatives could benefit from having a scribe or transcriptionist in the same space while they do readings? Thank goodness for electronic audio and video recording equipment.

Biggest Failure

Not having a transcriptionist sooner to prevent the sharks from asking for stock tips and other future events that they could exploit. 

What would He Be Doing If He Were Alive?

He would still be teaching and doing daily readings.


Final Thoughts

Edgar Cayce was a unique individual. Connectin with him was useful for his insight and how he did his specific brand of trance. This isn’t my calling. I think it’s interesting that “I thought” I’d like to know what he knows, but it isn’t like that anymore. I can appreciate his gifts but the cost is too high for me. What it would take for me to develop these skills would pull me away from my core competency and I am unwilling to do that at this particular time. Cacye’s gift was just that, a gift from the Gods and he is welcome to it.


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